April 20, 2022

5 Plus-Size Comfort Hacks for Comfier Travel

“I’m sorry sir, it looks like your luggage is too heavy for the plane. You’ll have to remove some items and put them on your carry-on,” which is going on the same plane. I mean, WTF. Travel already sucks for big people, don’t let silly shit like this stress you out. True comfort means we aren’t stressed. I got a few comfort hacks that’ll get you nice and cozy for that next trip.

Travel Light

Yeah, easier said than done, right? Being big we need a little extra room to store our shit. Get yourself a good travel backpack. They’re like the clown car of traveling. It’s crazy the amount of stuff you can pack in one of these things. Do yourself a favor and check out the airline’s luggage weight limit before you fly. Anything that doesn’t fit in the suitcase, stuff it in your travel backpack. These bad boys are super easy to store in tight storage spaces, overhead bins, and more. Comfort hacks being the name of the game, travel backpacks are way easier to move around in too. They usually have a cool airflow design to avoid the all too fun “sweaty back” that happens when carting a pack. Check out my previous post “Top 3 Travel Backpacks for Big People” for a couple of recommendations.

Dress for Comfort

Ever see those people in the airport dressed to the nines? It ain’t like there’s a platoon of paparazzi waiting for them either. After the glamorous selfie at the terminal, they’re stuck with those tight-ass pants that make you pee every five minutes and new shoes that feel like vice grips. Screw that noise, be comfortable. Before the plane takes off it’s hot and stuffy. Don’t be that big guy on the plane sweating your ass off in those sweet new digs. Try light, well-fitting, layered clothes. You get hot, peel off a layer or two. Cold? Throw them back on. Whatever you do, don’t take off your shoes. No, I’m not saying your feet stink (unless they do and you know who you are). Feet swell in the air, you might not get your shoes back on.

“People of Size” Policy

The trick is knowing “how” to get the most out of policies like this. We’re big, don’t be shy about it. If they don’t know what will make your life easier, they can’t help you out. Some airlines have a policy that can allow you an extra seat free of charge. Pre-boarding is sometimes an option too. Most airlines have policies like this on their website, but it’s always best to talk with someone in person. Most people are pretty cool and will try to hook you up.

Cane Seat

A what? Yep, a walking cane with a built-in seat is one of those easily overlooked comfort hacks. All that extra walking is tough. When the dogs are barking, you need to pop a squat. Unless you like the ground, a place to sit isn’t always an option. If you do use the ground, good luck getting back up after a long day of walking. Don’t get me wrong, this ain’t some portable recliner. The seats are small, but they work to get that quick breather. A lot of them are adjustable to let you raise or lower the legs or seat. A cane seat can stabilize those tired legs and keep you going longer. Amazon has a slew of them. Give it a look.

Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Think about all the reasons why traveling as a person with a few extra pounds makes you want to throw your stress ball at someone. Fellow passengers get pissed when people take too long to load their stuff in the overhead. The side-eye we get when someone sits next to us. Then there’s the “will I fit in the tiny seat” worry if you’ve never flown that airline. And the list goes on.

Get rid of all that bottled-up stress by going straight at it. You can start by introducing yourself. A quick hello and putting a name with the face goes a long way. It’s a little harder to be a jerk when someone introduces themself. If you’re not an outgoing person, yeah it’ll be awkward. Do it anyway. The more you do it, the more your comfort zone expands.

Travel for plus-size people doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Take your comfort into your own hands. Just a touch of planning and a half-decent attitude can make all the difference in taking the stress out of travel.

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