April 12, 2022

5 Travel Hacks for Big People

Twenty-five countries, sixteen time zones and five continents have taught me a bit about traveling as a big guy. The right attitude and tools make all the difference. If Indiana Jones and Batman had a baby who put on a few extra pounds as an adult, these five travel hacks would make him jealous.

1. Sky Clip

Size matters. Try being a big person squeezed in a seat designed for tiny people. Every inch matters that much more. Any extra space on a plane is like a mountain of comfort. For the person sitting next to us that mountain might feel like a molehill. Don’t give them an opportunity to be an asshole about it.

Wi-Fi on a plane usually sucks and is rarely free. It’s crazy how many people forget that before flying. Instead of the guy taking up extra elbow room, you can be the hero that helped pass the time. The night before, download a few movies on your tablet or smartphone. Offer to let the person next to you hook up their Bluetooth headphones and watch one with you. If you really want to be a baller, get yourself a Sky Clip. This badass device lets you hang your tablet on the seat in front of you. Boom, you just became the in-flight movie czar and kept it cool with the guy next to you.

2. Stay Cool

Let’s keep it real, the airflow sucks on airplanes. You really feel it before the plane takes off. Once you cram into the seat designed for a baby Smurf, a little airflow is nice. Unless you like a hairdryer to face, that little knob above you for AC is pretty much worthless. When the plane gets off the ground it’ll get cold, but we all know planes don’t always take off as scheduled.

If you’ve ever been on a plane, you know it can get hot. And heat leads to sweat, which can be really uncomfortable. Among the great travel hacks is a Kool Tie. You wear this thing around the neck. Inside are these hydrating beads that activate with water. Not only does it help bring down your body temperature, but it can also lower your heart rate too.

3. Prevent Chub Rub

Keep in mind, traveling usually means you’ll be walking a lot. We big folk with a little extra love around the thigh area can get some painful chafing (a.k.a. chub rub). There are a few ways to tackle this one.

First, put down the soda and drink water. I know that’s a given, but dehydration makes your skin dry. Dry skin makes the chub rub worse. Loose clothes aren’t your friend either. Extra clothing creates extra friction and that won’t help your situation. Underneath your clothes, it can be helpful to have some anti-chafing shorts. Chaffree offers options for men and women.

In those spots where the chub rub hits the hardest try some Vaseline, deodorant (yep, like the kind for your pits), or some non-talc powder. If you want to stay away from petroleum-based products there are a ton of natural creams like GoodSport Natural Anti-Chafe Sports Cream.

4. Protect Your Feet

Nothing can wreck a great adventure like sore, blistered feet. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good set of kicks like the next person, but go with comfort over style. Kick the comfort up a notch and add some gel inserts for a little extra padding. Just remember, your feet could give two shits whether or not you’re wearing the latest Timberlands. If those dogs aren’t comfortable with all that extra walking, they’ll be barking all night.

5. Pack a Towel

I don’t know if the airline and hotel industry got together and decided to make everything microscopic, but hotel towels and airplane seats have something in common — too damn small! Think about it. When was the last time you were actually able to wrap a hotel towel around yourself? These things don’t even cover you length-wise. You can forget about drying off your back or hard-to-reach places. Pack a towel that reaches the extra love you have to offer. You won’t regret it.

Pro tip: Roll your towel and other clothes to maximize space.

A few travel hacks can make all the difference. Abolish the stigma of not being able to travel as a big person. Lean into your next adventure with confidence. There’s no better feeling than accomplishing something you never dreamed could happen. Stretch outside your comfort zone and go for it. It might just be the push you need to attain other things you want in this world.

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