April 8, 2022

5 Travel Rules for Bigger People

Go big or go home. Period. When you do, be smart about it. Don’t box yourself in these uncomfortable situations that no one wants to be in because you didn’t follow the key travel rules. Big people and crowded airports mix as well as oil and vinegar. Five travel rules for bigger people will solve a lot of big people problems when you travel.

Rule #1: Think Easy

Travel should be an experience you want to remember, not dread. Think about how to make the trip as easy as possible. Will you have bumps on the way? Hell yeah, but a good assessment of the battlefield will help.

The airport experience is always fun. Fun like a paper cut on the eyeball. Think about all the challenges. Break them down to the experience you want to have or avoid. Crowded airports, small plane seats, and carting luggage everywhere can make or break the first leg of a trip. The more obstacles you can think of, the more ways you can create to overcome them. Think it through and write them down.

Rule #2: Be Mobile

Less is always more is a key travel rule on any trip. From your bags to your clothes the fact is you’re going to be doing a lot of carting it all around. Airports aren’t small. There’s nothing like finding out the gate to your connecting flight is on the other side of the airport.

Be ready to walk. Between the big airports and lugging baggage around new places, there’s a lot of ground to cover on foot. Comfortable clothes are a must. Instead of breaking out that badass outfit you can’t wait to show off, get into your active gear.

Travel light too. Test out those suitcase wheels and see how hard it is to lift. If you’re struggling, you might want to lighten your load or get a smaller bag. Make sure that the carry-on fits in the overhead. Don’t be the person struggling to mash that sucker in with a line of people waiting behind you.

Rule #3: Talk About It

The elephant in the room doesn’t have to be a problem. It’s only a problem when people don’t talk about it. If you’re traveling with someone, let them know what to expect if they’ve never traveled with a bigger person.

The conversation doesn’t have to be weird or awkward either. Just let them know you might need that extra break walking between connecting gates. Or that necessary bathroom break right before the flight. Not only does it clear the air if one of those situations pop up, but your buddy can also help you out.

Rule #4: Make a Battle Plan

Break out that list of challenges you wrote down. Now it’s time to divide and conquer. Go back to those experiences you wanted to have or the ones you want to avoid. One by one, pick away solutions for each thing. Maybe you’ll make up your own travel rule.

Your best partner is the airline. Call their customer service line or talk to the ticket counter ahead of time. Let them know your concerns, but be part of the solution. Great partners offer up solutions instead of just complaining. Find out your seat location. A key spot to request is the bulkhead. People forget about the seats at the front of the plane with the wall that separates first class. This little nook gives that extra bit of legroom we all love. See if you can arrange an electric cart at your connecting gate. This way you can avoid that panicked feeling of making that connecting flight.

It always helps to collaborate with big travelers too. Do you know any bigger people in your circle who travel? Ask them what they’ve found to be difficult or successful. Take from someone else’s experience to find creative ways to make life easier on trips. This will save a lot of time and effort.

Rule #5: Go!

People always want to find a solution to procrastination. In reality, there’s only one way to do it. Go! It’s easy to find reasons to not do something. Stop focusing on what might happen and take the leap. If you’re even considering travel, you got that voice of adventure in your head. Listen to it.

You can follow all these travel rules for bigger people, but none of it means a thing unless you actually travel. The best way to get to know yourself, challenge yourself and grow is to get out of your comfort zone. Traveling can take you beyond a destination. It can help you discover a place inside yourself you never knew existed.

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