About Mark

Mark Jacoby is the creator of Big Guy Big World. While he’s also a high-profile political figure, this blog isn’t about politics. It’s about inspiring others to see the world and go on epic adventures!


Mark is also the owner and founder of Let the Voters Decide, where he leads the nation’s largest network of signature gatherers.

The Jacoby Foundation is Mark’s way to give back. They provide assistance for families and veterans who are struggling.

Whatever Mark is doing, he’s never half in. He is a mover and shaker who cares as much about people as he does about success.

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Big Guy Big World Mission

I want “Big Guy, Big World” to be an interactive travel blog with heart. A place where people can get information and learn about new places and things they would have never known about. A place where individuals can win trips, money, or the chance to visit other countries and meet new people.

Where instead of showing people exotic and exciting places we take them there with us!!!!!!

-Mark Jacoby

Mark’s Story

Mark Jacoby grew up in the hood of LA, raised by his single mother. Her struggle to provide for their family motivated Mark to be successful as well as help others in need. Now a successful business owner and world traveler, he has worked extremely hard to get where he is. But he’s also really generous with his success.

Let the Voters Decide is a national network of professional signature gatherers for hire. They work hard to get important issues and candidates on the ballot, thereby shaping the political agenda.

The Jacoby Foundation is a charity that helps single-parent families and others in need who simply need a hand UP in life. The foundation helps to provide cash, food, toys, and other essentials during the holidays, as well as jobs and other resources for long-term help. Mark feels that he has been blessed in life and simply wants to pay it forward.

Throughout his blog, he will share his experiences and adventures while traveling the globe. Each post includes his travel experience, recommendations, and cautions, as well as a difficulty rating based on his experience. His hope in sharing his adventure is that it will spark a desire in you to do the same.