February 24, 2021

Cafe Del Mar: Delicious Restaurant in Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia

The city of Cartagena is absolutely beautiful. The scenery, history, and culture are amazing. The city of Cartagena is often referred to as the “walled city,” because it’s surrounded by a walled fortress. While exploring the city, we ate at the Cafe del Mar, which is situated atop the Baluarte Santo Domingo. This is the furthest point on the west side of Cartagena’s 17th-century walls. 

Cafe Del Mar

This delicious restaurant has unforgettable, panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, as well as the city of Cartagena. In 2002, this lounge was founded by Peter Hklir, who was a German citizen that wanted to create a spot where locals and tourists could relax while enjoying indulgent food and tasty cocktails as they take in the views of the vibrant, blue ocean. They also have live music with DJs, which is super fun. 

Our Experience 

We had a great time at this restaurant/lounge hybrid. The staff, ambiance, and food were all amazing. I can only imagine the view from the Cafe Del Mar at sunset. That would be one great photo opportunity. I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a great place to eat while exploring Cartagena. 

I would also highly recommend visiting Cartagena in general. There is so much culture to see and learn about as your stroll through the cobblestone alleyways. This city is so unique and fun. I loved seeing all of the beautiful murals that locals have painted, along with the bright colors surrounding the city. 

Thank you for following along with me on this journey. Traveling the world has been a dream come true. I love having this platform to share my experiences with you. I hope I can inspire you to see the world, try new things, and step outside your comfort zone through Big Guy Big World. 

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