April 22, 2022

Clothing for Plus-Size Adventure

What to wear? It can be a loaded question but clothing for plus-size adventure doesn’t have to be a mystery. It all depends on your comfort level. Comfort means something a little different to everyone. There are a handful of things that can make your life a lot easier traveling as a plus-size person. Being a bigger guy who loves to travel, I’ve learned a few things to keep fresh and comfy. Do yourself a favor and think ahead before your next trip. A whole lot of road rash later, you’ll wish you did.

Look Good, Feel Good

Wear clothes for plus-size people that are comfortable AND make you feel good. No need to sacrifice too much of one without the other. Big people like us are curvy. Go with it. Whatever you wear, make sure it fits you “well”. Too baggy can throw off your body proportions and look sloppy. Too tight has the same effect. Find clothes that fit your unique body type and roll with it. You’ll look great, feel great and be comfortable no matter how long that flight takes.

Stay Warm & Dry

A fact of life: It’s easier to get warm than cool off. Imagine flying in on that puddle jumper and exiting on a cold, rainy tarmac. Word to the wise, cold and wet clothes are a shitty combination at a busy airport. When you go to pack, ask yourself, “how long would this take to dry?” If you’re going to feel like a wet mop for a while, reconsider.

Think about all the environments you might come across on your adventure. If you’re going from Michigan to Florida in the fall, unless you like sweating your ass off, that’ll be a pretty big wardrobe adjustment. Look for fabrics that are lightweight, warm, and dry fast. You never know what you’ll come across and you’ll want to check all those boxes just in case. All the hoodies in my store fit that bill plus some.

Layered Clothing

A good rule of thumb on clothes for plus-size people is “thin on the inside, thick on the outside”. Something like a t-shirt as your first layer and a hoodie for your second layer is a safe bet. Sitting on the plane before takeoff gets a bit hot and stuffy. Peel off that hoodie and boom, you’ll feel a whole lot better. When the AC kicks in and the cabin turns into a flying refrigerator, pop that hoodie back on and you’re golden.

Don’t go overboard with your layers though. Remember the kid from A Christmas Story that couldn’t put his arms down because the damned coat was so big? You don’t want that. Stick to three layers or less. That seems to be the magic number for being able to easily get things on and off to adjust.

Another fact about travel is meals on the go. Trying to throw down a quick something in between flights gets messy. Keep your outer layer a dark color. It’s easier to hide that stain and still look fresh. If you really want to be the hero, carry a stain remover pen. Not only will you stay clean, but it’s a great way to help someone else out. 

Destination Clothes

Picture where you’re going. What are the weather and terrain like? Think about the activities you’re going to do. If you’re about to roll out on a mountain hike and only bring flip-flops, your feet are going to be pissed. Pay attention to what you’re putting in that bag.

Few things are worse than nursing the burning sensation of a fresh chafe. A big issue for big people is the chub rub. No matter where you’re traveling, you’re going to do more walking than usual to get there. A little tip: Try biker shorts under the pants. That synthetic material keeps the moisture off the skin and helps the rubbing. If shorts under the shorts aren’t your thing there are a ton of anti-chafing creams out there.

Footwear is crucial. You’ll want to pack the right ones for the situation. No matter what you have planned, it’s a guarantee you’ll do a lot of walking on your first day of travel. A good pair of insoles are great for all that extra activity. Whether you’re dragging luggage all over the airport or walking around Vegas, your dogs won’t be barking so loud. 

Traveling to a new destination doesn’t have to be a drag. The right clothes for plus-size people can make an adventure truly special. If you’re not careful, it can make you miserable. Look ahead at where you want to be and give some thought to how you’re going to get there. The right clothes for the right adventure can make all the difference.

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