November 17, 2020

Danilovgrad, Montenegro: The Ostrog Monastery

Danilovgrad, Montenegro
45 mins
The Ostrog Monastery in the mountains of Montenegro

Welcome back, everyone! We are now in the incredible city of Danilovgrad, Montenegro. This town is located at the center of Montenegro, near the Zeta River valley. We spent the majority of our time at the Ostrog Monastery. However, this city is full of history and has many options for tours and excursions. The landscape is breathtaking and is mostly composed of orchards and vineyards with old stone houses and churches. 

Drive to the Monastery

The drive to the Ostrog Monastery was quite the experience. The drive started at sea level and then ascended high into the mountains. We were so high up that we were above the clouds! We also traveled through small tunnels with bats flying around. The roads were very narrow and only had one lane. They were very scary, not only because they were narrow, but because of the altitude as well. So, if you are afraid of heights, you may not enjoy the journey to the Monastery. 

You also have no idea if you’re going the right way because there are not many signs or indicators along the road. There was a lot of fog, which made it hard to see where we were going. As we got closer to the Monastery though, we could hear religious music playing throughout the mountain. The road seemed like it was never going to end, and then suddenly you’re there, looking out at this amazing site. 

The Ostrog Monastery

One of the most popular sites to see in Danilovgrad is the Ostrog Monastery. The monastery is one of the most visited holy shrines in the Balkans. This church is nestled within a massive rock called Ostroška Greda. This is a Serbian monastery that was built in the early 1700s and is over 300 years old.

The monastery is often referred to as the “meeting place for all confessions” including Orthodox, Catholics, and Muslims. Over 100,000 people a year come here to pray. They all consider it to be a holy place and believe that it brings miracles to all who visit, believe, and have faith. Many people have testified of the spiritual changes and miracles that occurred after visiting the monastery. It’s truly a special place!

Touring the Monastery 

You get to walk around the site yourself, which is cool, but it is difficult to walk. You have to go up many stairs in and out of the mountain. I would definitely say it’s worth it though! We weren’t able to get a lot of pictures in the rooms throughout the church because people were praying and singing, so we didn’t want to be disrespectful. We only got to take a few pictures because cameras and phones were not permitted inside the monastery, but we got lucky because there was a nice lady who let us get a few shots. People were kissing the walls and praying all around us at the top of this majestic mountain in the middle of the night. It was truly a beautiful and unforgettable experience. 

Should You Go?

I’m not a very religious person, but I am spiritual, and this experience was more meaningful than I can express. There were a lot of people visiting the monastery when we were there, and I felt a bit uncomfortable because I didn’t want to disturb them. There were a lot of cool photo opportunities that we didn’t take because we didn’t want to be disrespectful.

When we began our journey to the monastery, weren’t even sure we would make it there. Then we ended up having this amazing, spiritual experience. it was a beautiful place, full of devout people expressing their love for a higher being. It was very powerful and I left the location feeling so fulfilled. I would highly recommend visiting the Ostrog Monastery if you are a religious or spiritual person. It was a lot more than just a beautiful building. It was filled with so much spirit and emotion. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I am truly in awe of this beautiful world we live in. Thanks for taking the journey with me. Don’t forget to follow along on all of my adventures. Until next time!

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