May 12, 2022

Foods that are OK to Eat Before Flying

We already talked about the foods we should avoid before flying, whether for our health or out of consideration for others. Of course, that raises the question: What foods are ok to eat before flying? The good news is there are plenty of things you can eat. Here are a few of them.

Unsalted nuts

These are not only a great source of fats and protein, but they actually keep your hunger at bay longer than many of the snacks you may have provided on the flight. Many nuts also contain magnesium which helps fight bloating from the other foods we may not have said no to. It is best to limit the amount to a handful because your body needs time to digest them.

Lean protein

It is easy to grab a big greasy burger at the airport, but red meat is not the best choice. Instead, choose lean proteins like chicken, turkey, fish or non-fat yogurt. These will not only quiet that hungry stomach, but they make you feel full and fuel your system. Be careful though, many processed lunch meat found in sandwiches are very high in sodium, something we know to avoid. One extra consideration for natural yogurts is the presence of probiotics that can help our digestion combat the effects of a pressurized metal tube at 40,000 feet.


Well good news, fruit is on the list of things you can eat. Besides being tasty, they can have some real advantages. Oranges are excellent sources of vitamin C that can help you fight off any funk you may pick up on the plane. They are also good at helping you stay hydrated. Bananas are another good choice. Their high potassium content helps you avoid bloating and avoid cramps that may happen from sitting too long. Fruits with high water content, like melons, are also good choices. Avoid dehydrated fruits.

Protein bars

Protein bars can be convenient and satisfying but be careful. All protein bars aren’t created the same. Some bars will give you a lot of protein, but the rest of their nutrition information looks like a Snickers bar. Take a few minutes to read the labels. Nutritionists suggest looking for bars with at least 10g of protein, no artificial sweeteners and at least 5g of fiber. The good news is that there are some amazing flavors out there and one of them is sure to appeal to you.


If you look at a lot of the things mentioned as being ok, you soon realize that they can be ingredients in a smoothie. The vitamins from fresh fruit, proteins from yogurts and supplements as well as probiotics, all in an easy-to-digest smoothie. This not only helps keep you hydrated but keeps your body from using more water to digest denser foods. Just avoid adding sugar to the natural content.


Ok, so water isn’t a food, but it’s important to this topic. You saw foods to avoid because they dehydrated you and foods to enjoy because they help keep you hydrated. In the end, water isn’t just critical for life, but it will make your flight more enjoyable.  Simply being in the airplane starts to dehydrate you. Drink water before, during and after your flight. Drink it like it is your job. Some nutritionists suggest 8 ounces for every hour you are in the air. If you are afraid it will make you pee more, just tell yourself that moving around is good for your circulation and prevents blood clots.  As an added bonus, your skin will look less tired and healthier when you get to your destination.

What have your experiences been? Do you have tips to share? Sound off in the comment section.

Until next time travelers, be safe, live a full life, be kind and help others. Can’t wait to catch you on our next adventure.

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