July 13, 2021

Free Diving with Sharks [NOT in a Cage]!

Oahu, Hawaii

Free diving with sharks is not for the faint at heart! These are not small sharks, they are REAL Galapagos & Blue sharks! We were hoping to see tiger sharks or even the real possibility of seeing a great white, but we didn’t see either of those species. But it sure as hell beats just WATCHING Shark Week on TV!

One Ocean Diving

We had the privilege of booking with One Ocean Diving. Not only does One Ocean Diving to a ton of great work for ocean conservation, but their entire team was incredibly knowledgeable. They were all scientists and marine biologists.

How It Works

They take you out into the ocean far enough that you can’t see land anywhere, but they make you stay inside a very specific, tight area where they have spears and other kinds of things to repel the sharks, just in case things go bad!

Our Experience

One person in our group had a panic attack just thinking about going into the water with the sharks. Two people were throwing up off the back and another two flatly refused to put their toes in the water! I went in for about 15 minutes, and the sharks were beautiful! They looked almost like holograms or prisms with the sunlight reflecting off of their bodies as they were swimming below us.

Keeping it Real

I want to be very clear that this experience is not for the faint of heart. It was really serious. For example, it was some of the worst rip currents I have ever experienced on a boat. The whole boat was being tossed back and forth. Also, the captain said they have had 30 feet waves out there before.

So you have to wear big flippers and nothing that shines because the sharks see in-depth and could confuse it with a small fish and attack. Also, we had to be careful for the sharks not to think we were challenging them. That’s why we had to stay above the sharks. And if the sharks approached us, we had to push back with our flipper. We also had to hold on to a line the entire time to make sure we were close enough for them to help us if the shark attacked.

Do I recommend it?

Even though free diving with sharks was scary and risky, I would definitely recommend trying it. As long as you heed the warnings of the staff & crew because it’s totally the real deal. Not many people can say that they have free dived with sharks. Follow along on my blog for more adventures like this.

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Cathleen Clark
Cathleen Clark
2 years ago

I honestly don’t think I have the courage to do this activity. But the funny thing is, it’s less the sharks that worry me than the rip currents and waves of a rough ocean. Basically you’re battling a rough ocean, while trying to keep your cool with sharks. Wow. 🙂

Laura Godina
Laura Godina
2 years ago

I feel as I read this and viewed the pictures you must have a real bravery to do this! I would love to do this but first I’d said I have to get swimming lessons to fight the current. I could only imagine how strong those sharks are to make it look like swimming in the ocean is a piece of cake. Those are some great pictures!! Enjoy your fun and always be safe! 😵‍💫😵‍💫

Tina Affum
Tina Affum
2 years ago

This is definitely a thrill seeking activity! I don’t think I have the guts to do it. You wanted to see a Great White!?! I think I would pass out just seeing one for the shore.