July 12, 2021

Germaine’s Luau: Experience the “Spirit of Old Hawaii”

United States

Germaine’s Luau was founded in 1976 and has been acclaimed America’s Best Luau in “America’s Best 100”. This Luau brings the “Spirit of Old Hawaii” to visitors who travel here from far and wide.

At Germaine’s Luau we were greeted like family.  All of our “cousins” were happy to help us with insightful cultural stories and explained the stories behind the delicious food.  We were treated like family and were happy to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons and pure happy experiences with all our fellow islanders at the Luau. Ohana means family and that is exactly what the experience was.

During the Luau, we took a musical journey through the islands of Samoa, Tahiti, New Zealand and Hawaii. We were dazzled with the headdresses of their Tahitian dancers. In our rhythmic trip to Samoa, we saw the Samoa Fire – knife dance known as the Tooth of Death. To complete our musical adventure we were amazed with the graceful swinging hips of the traditional Hula. Bright colors, amazing dances and performances. 

If you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, you’ve got to plan on experiencing the “Spirit of Old Hawaii” at Germaine’s Luau! It’s an authentic and exciting way to experience several global cultures at once through music, food, and tradition.

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