February 20, 2021

Gran Inka Gastrobar: Peruvian Cuisine

Cartagena, Colombia
Gourmet Peruvian dish at the Gran Inka Gastrobar

We made a stop at the Gran Inka Gastrobar on our travels through Colombia. The Gran Inka is an amazing Peruvian restaurant in Cartagena, Colombia. It’s known for its unique take on traditional Peruvian dishes.

The Food

The atmosphere was elegant and cultural. All of the gourmet Peruvian dishes were plated like pieces of art. Each menu item also felt like its own unique experience. Overall, the food was delicious and we tried just about everything on the menu.

We tried several Peruvian dishes including huancaina, chicharrón de calamar, ceviche tres ajíes, pollo agridulce, and coconut flan. Everything tasted so good! It’s hard to say what we enjoyed the most. Truthfully, it was just fun to see each creative plate as it came out of the kitchen.

The Atmosphere

The food was amazing but the atmosphere was even better! Inside, the restaurant was beautifully decorated with more of an upscale feel. The decor was brightly colored but had a very authentic feel. The live music was the best part of the experience though. The two guys playing and singing while we were there were having such a good time. Their positive energy was contagious! They were really nice about us taking pictures and videos too.

Should you go?

I would highly recommend eating at the Gran Inka! The restaurant in Colombia is actually one of several locations, including a few in the United States. So there might be one closer than you think! Overall, t’s a great place for good food and an even better time.

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