December 26, 2020

Hiking Trip to the Amazing Mombacho Volcano

Stratovolcano in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is so beautiful. We have had such an amazing time exploring this breathtaking country. One of the greatest activities we got to do was hike through a cloud forest. This hike led us to one of the biggest volcanoes in the country, Mombacho

Getting There

We rode in a huge truck 1000 meters up, and then we had to get out and hike the rest of the way. We had to walk for about another hour through the cloud forest, which had beautiful views of Granada, and the rest of Nicaragua. From that viewpoint, we could see huge swaths of land where the volcanic lava had created magma statues during one of its eruptions. We did a lot of vigorous exercises, which was fairly difficult. Hiking up to the Mombacho volcano was especially exhausting. However, it was all worth it for the incredible views!


Mombacho is a stratovolcano near the city of Granada. It’s huge and sits at 1,344 meters high. Interestingly enough, the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is one of 78 protected areas of Nicaragua, which is amazing. Mombacho is now an extinct volcano. The last eruption was in 1570. From the volcano, we got to see amazing views of the cloud forest, lush greenery, and beautiful landscape of Nicaragua. 

Should You Go?

I would highly recommend seeing this volcano. Not only are the views unforgettable, but the hike on the way up makes for some great memories as well. The cloud forest was so cool, and we got to capture a few great photos. This experience was definitely exhausting but so worth it once we got to the top. 

Thank you for reading along. I hope you feel inspired to try something new. Even if you think you can’t do it, I’m here to show you that you can! Nicaragua has been amazing, and we have had the opportunity to do a lot of cool things, like when we rode ATVs on Ometepe Island! Stay tuned for more adventures to come. 

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