March 26, 2022

La Luce- Italian Dining and Rustic Brick Oven Pizza

Cancun, Mexico

La Luca requires reservations ahead of time. Reservations at this restaurant filled up quickly, and trust us; you won’t want to miss this one. Reservations can be made and accessed easily through the Hilton Cancun app, alongside other services the resort offers. 

La Luce Fine Dining at The Hilton Cancun All Inclusive Resort

It is hard not to feel like a celebrity when dining at La Luce, one of the resort’s exclusive restaurants. From the moment you enter the dimly lit foyer until your last bite, the staff makes you feel important and your night special. We showed up thirty minutes early to check-in, and rather than having us wait; they seated us right away. 

Focused lighting at each table and dark decor gave the restaurant an intimate feel despite its busy atmosphere and din of raucous conversation. We saw people photographing their food, parties celebrating birthdays, romantic dinners, and family dinners. From diners and guests to staff, everyone seemed to be having fun. 

The focal point is a large brick pizza oven for those seated near the front entrance. For those sitting in the back, the show stopper is the bar. Marbled black and yellow backlit stonework highlight the fully stocked and buzzing bar. With so many drinks to choose from, we could not decide, and our waiter happily asked our tastes and promised to have the bartender mix us up something special to drink. He did not disappoint and presented us with two colorful cocktails that perfectly complemented our tastes and meals. 

The Food

A bread service started the meal with onion focaccia. Small plates were brought to the table, and our waiter gave us a fresh pour of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, topped with grated parmesan cheese to dip the bread. The focaccia had a crisp crust and airy crumb that will have you asking your waiter for “mas pan, por favor” (more bread please) as you wait for your meal. 


From the handful of appetizer offerings, we decided to try two, the Prosciutto e Burrata and the Beef Carpaccio. The Prosciutto was served as a generous portion and plated with grilled peaches, figs, olives, and chevre cheese. This is a perfect choice for people who enjoy complex flavors. The Beef Carpaccio was a work of art. Beautifully plated, the thinly sliced meat is so delicate that it melts in your mouth in a burst of flavor. 


 So many entrees to choose from! Feeling Pizza? Brick oven pizza with anything from your classic Napoletana (fresh tomato sauce and basil) to something more adventurous like the Calzone Fruti de Mare (shrimp, mussels, baby squid, creamy tomato sauce, and mozzarella. 

Maybe pasta is more your style? The Agnolotti Al Funghi (Mushrooms, Fresh Ricotta, Chive Butter) is one of the most beautiful and delicious meals I’ve had in Cancun so far. Verdant green house-made spinach ravioli, stuffed with sauteed mushroom and fresh ricotta, placed lovingly in a chive butter sauce with vegetables and topped with fresh ricotta. The ravioli is good to al dente perfection, and each bite is bursting with flavor. 

The Specialties Menu looks fantastic (especially for those who love seafood) with offerings like Gamberi Picatta and Salmone Arrostito.

La Luce also offers an entirely vegan selection crafted with dairy-free cheeses, given its own section on the menu. 


Even if you feel full, you will not want to miss out on dessert at La Luce. Complex coffee and cacao notes in a moist, delectable tiramisu that is one of the most stand-out desserts I have had the pleasure of having in a long time. I would think about making reservations to La Luce again if only to have the tiramisu again. 

Tiramisu too rich? The Panna Cotta is a light and smooth delight that is a perfect finisher even for the heaviest of meals.

La Luce has a large selection of inclusive meals for those traveling with dietary restrictions. The menu is clearly marked on every item for dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. 

A Big Guy Note on Seating

We were seated at a standard table, and while cushioned and comfortable, the plush chairs were extremely snug. Those with larger hips may find the chairs to be too restricting. Combination booths, one side booth, the other side chairs that line the walls are the best option for seating comfortably for those that might be concerned.

La Luce is an unmissable experience for those staying at the Hilton Cancun All Inclusive Resort. 

La Luce- what we liked: 

  • Friendly and engaging service
  • Plating presentations
  • Complex and Flavorful Foods
  • The Tiramisu (Don’t miss this!) 

La Luce- What could be better:

  • Snug seating

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