July 15, 2021

Maui’s Red Sand Beach


After our scenic trip over The Road to Hana Town, we stopped at this incredible Red Sand Beach. I had been to Maui 12 years prior, but the beauty of this beach took my breath away like it was the first time. The pictures can hardly capture just how vivid the contrast is between the deep teal water and the rusty red sand.

Hiking Down to Red Sand Beach

In order to make it down to Red Sand Beach, it took me about 25 minutes to walk down a very narrow pathway. The cliffs that surround this beach are subjected to brutal erosion from wind and water, making the pathway more dangerous in some spots. But man, was the view worth it!

Red Sand Beach is a beautiful hidden cove unlike any other in Hawaii. The ocean outside the cove is almost always that surreal shade of blue, and waves rage relentlessly coastline, giving it the dramatic and rugged look that I love so much. The sand gets its red look from the lava cinder cliffs above. In recent years, the risk of landslides has increased at Red Sand Beach, but adventurers like me aren’t afraid of a little challenge.

The cove is protected on the ocean side by a wall of black lava rock, which almost looks extraterrestrial. This whole beach is so otherworldly, especially if you’ve ever lived in a landlocked state!

Adventure with Caution

I clocked 5,444 steps on this day! Between stopping along the Road to Hana Town and hiking down to Red Sand Beach. It was a challenging hike, but totally worth it for the view. If you decide to travel to this incredible destination, please do your research beforehand. Weather conditions, landslide warnings, and your overall level of fitness are all things to take into consideration before visiting. The level of erosion on the pathway and beach itself could turn treacherous at any moment, so always be aware. But to those who are brave enough to make the journey, you will definitely never forget this beautiful view.

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2 years ago

This looks sooooo AWESOME!!!!!

Belinda Hughes
Belinda Hughes
2 months ago

Looks amazing. Top of my bucket list!

Nick Houle
Nick Houle
2 months ago

I want to do this!