October 1, 2020

New Forest National Park: Calling All Animal Lovers

Lyndhurst, England
2 hours & 20 mins

Hello again. Here we are at the second stop in my travel journey. If you’re a fan of wildlife and nature, this next location is for you! This beautiful spot is the New Forest National Park located in Lyndhurst, England. Throughout the national park, you will find tons of wild animals, trails to explore, and cool pubs for quick refreshers. If you’re traveling to Lyndhurst, this is a must-see for a fun day outdoors. 

Wildlife and Terrain 

As soon as you enter the park, you’re greeted by thousands of free-roaming animals. While we were there, we were able to interact with swans, geese, wild horses, donkeys, cows, and deer. Unfortunately, it was discouraged to go near the animals. However, as you can see, we didn’t necessarily follow that rule. It was worth it though because we were able to capture so many amazing photos. This place is a photographer’s dream. The animals, combined with the incredible scenery, make for the perfect photographs. The animals were also very friendly and appeared to be comfortable being around a lot of people. I mean how cool is this donkey pictured below? He came right up to our car and clearly was not camera shy! 

The New Forest National Park gives a lot of opportunities to wander and explore on your own time, which is super cool. As far as the terrain goes, there are tons of trails you can choose from. Some hikes are harder and longer than others, so you can choose your difficulty level. We decided to go deeper into the forest to see more animals.

The far-left picture above is one I took of a group of deer we saw on our hike. They were probably farther in the trail because it was more peaceful and quieter deeper into the forest. However, you don’t have to choose a long trail to see the wildlife. From the moment you enter the park, you can see wildlife roaming around.

The landscape is absolutely breathtaking as well. The green grass alone adds such a vibrant color to the park, making it a great site-seeing location in Lyndhurst. I can only imagine the amazing photos you could capture at sunrise or sunset. 

Should You Go? 

I would recommend spending a whole day at the park. There are endless hikes you could take, giving you the opportunity to discover a lot of different spots in the forest. You could also make it a short half-day trip if you wanted. Just driving through and seeing the wild animals roaming on the main drive would be fun too!

The best part about the park is that the whole experience is at your own pace. You can explore and wander as you please. There is no guide or time table to follow. While navigating through the pandemic, the New Forest National Park is a great option for those wanting to maintain social distance. Because there is such an open landscape, it makes it very easy to distance yourself from others. Also, the fresh air allows for a nice break from the mask-wearing. 

Final thoughts about the New Forest National Park is that it was a beautiful place that I would highly recommend to anyone no matter their age, shape, or size. You won’t be disappointed. It is definitely a spot for the memory books.

This is simply one of the millions of incredible places this world has to offer. Thanks for coming along on the journey with me! I’m just a big guy exploring a big world. I am already so in awe of the beauty that is out there, waiting to be discovered. And this is only my second stop! Follow along on my adventures!

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