January 16, 2021

Playa del Carmen Xplor: A Fun Theme Park

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Hey everyone. Welcome back to another one of my adventures. Thanks for following along with me on my journey. This next stop is a theme park located in Mexico called the Playa del Carmen Xplor. This park was a crazy, fun adventure. This theme park is one of the five eco-adventure parks in Mexico. Each of the locations sits on hundreds of acres of land that have been turned into tourist theme parks. For me, they are more fun than any American theme park I’ve ever been to. The attractions and events are incorporated right into the landscape, which makes them super unique.

Theme Park 

To all my adventurous people, this theme park is for you. Playa del Carmen Xplor is one of the newer ones. Most of the geography on this lot was formed when an asteroid hit the Yucatán peninsula sixty-five million years ago. It also killed the dinosaurs that lived there. The asteroid created an underground system of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. So, the builders of the park utilized what was there and turned it into cool attractions. This way the guests can be immersed in nature and also support the local eco-tourism economy. There was a giant heart in the middle of the park that would beat when you would walk by it. It’s a major landmark in the middle of the park. 

They have six different activities available including zip-lining, amphibious vehicles, cave swimming, cave rafting, and hammock zip lining. I had never heard of hammock zip-lining before this trip. It is different from traditional zip-lining because it takes you right into the water. We didn’t get there on time, so we were only able to do two of the six activities. The first one we did was we drove the amphibious vehicles. We got to drive on a five-kilometer-long course that went in and out of caves, through water, and on dirt roads. It was a pretty bumpy ride, but it was a ton of fun.

The second activity we did, and by far the coolest was cave swimming. We swam through an underground river that flowed through a cave and then drifted us into the most beautiful cenote. If you didn’t know, a cenote is a sinkhole filled with water. When we looked up, we saw the roots of hundreds of plants in the walls with water running down the sides. To exit the cenote, we had to go through a waterfall and continue into more caves. It was one of the coolest and most unique experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot. 

Fun Excursion for Everyone

These parks are great for everyone of any age, size, or shape. The youngest person in our group was nine and the oldest person was fifty-six, and they both had a great time. Of course, you do need to have an adventurous spirit, but I would put these parks on your must-see list. I must admit, there was a lot of walking, but also a lot of other exercises such as swimming in the cave. There was no current, so the swimming was not as exhausting as it could have been. They also had snack and smoothie options located in the park for those of you that plan on staying the whole day. I would recommend spending a decent amount of time at the park because it takes a while to explore all six activities. 

Thanks for tagging along with me on this wild journey. This is by far one of the coolest places I have ever been. I would highly recommend checking this theme park out. If you would like to reach out to me with any further questions, please feel free to send me a message here

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