November 11, 2021

Rafting on the Martha Brae River in Jamaica

Big Guy Big World Group before rafting the Martha Brae

Hands down, river rafting on the Martha Brae River has to have been one of the funnest things we’ve ever done on a Big Guy Big World group trip! I can’t think of a better activity for our group of 110 people to enjoy together. I’m so glad we took the time to do this. I recommend it to anyone who is visiting Jamaica.

About Rafting on the Martha Brae

The Martha Brae is Jamaica’s number one rafting attraction. I can see why, since it is situated between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, two of the top resort and vacation areas in the country. The great thing about rafting on the Martha Brae is that there are 85 licensed and experienced raft captions. This makes it not only a fun experience but a really safe one as well.

Our captain’s name was Gregory and he did a great job! He had been doing it for 23 years and was getting ready to retire. We learned that the captains actually get a pension, which is really cool!

The rafts are about 30 feet long and made of bamboo. We boarded our rafts from a pier. The ride itself lasted about one hour. In that hour we traveled three miles down the river and got to see lots of beautiful sights. The ride is pretty mellow. In the beginning, it was a bit unsettling because you have to get yourself situated and at first it goes a little fast to get you moving. But after that, it slows down a lot and you basically coast through the rest of the river. Enjoying the beautiful greenery and blue skies was incredibly relaxing. That said, I can see why so many people visit Martha Brae each year. Not only was our guide very knowledgeable about the river, plants, and animals, but he also knew some interesting facts. For example, many famous celebrities have visited the river as well, including Queen Elizabeth II, Johnny, Cash, Usain Bolt, and more!

Martha Brae Amenities

Next, the Martha Brae offered some really great amenities that are helpful and convenient for those visiting. Available amenities included:

  • Updated restrooms
  • A gift shop
  • On-site restaurant
  • On-site bar
  • Parking
  • Accessibility
  • Tours
  • And more!

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