May 6, 2022

RV Travel for Big People

If you want a summer getaway, we stand in line for TSA at the airport, then wedge ourselves into an uncomfortable seat for a few hours. Or we can take a cruise and hope that we can close the bathroom door behind us. There is another option, RVs. Recreational vehicles are nothing new, but some people may not consider RV travel for big people. Maybe you should. Here are a few things to know about RV travel.

Size Matters

The term RV means different things to different people. Both vehicles and trailers can be considered an RV. To fit the definition, there needs to be a space devoted to sleeping or a living room. After that, the term can vary greatly from small, towed trailers to vehicles the size of a bus. There are several classes of RVs.
Here is a quick rundown:

Class A: These are the big boys. These can be between 26 and 45 feet in length and range between 13,000 and 30,000 pounds. They can have amenities ranging from king-size beds to washers and dryers. These are great for big people.

Class B: Normally between 17 to 23 feet and 4,000 to 9,000 pounds. You may hear these called camper vans because they are based on a van and have less space and fewer amenities than their bigger brothers. These can be tight quarters and may not be the best choice.

Class C: A vehicle in this class will range between 20 to 30 feet and 10,000 to 13,000 pounds. These can also be quite roomy and have large beds and bathrooms. They are plus-size approved.

Trailers: There is a huge range of trailers, from 10 feet to 40 feet. With that range comes an equally wide range of space and amenities. Some, such as luxury 5th wheel trailers, are every bit as big and spacious as a Class A, complete with Sleep Number beds and full kitchens. The advantage here is that you can unhook from the trailer and use just the truck to explore the local areas.

There are other classes, but they aren’t as relevant for our discussion at this point.

You Can Rent Them

You don’t have to invest a boatload of money to enjoy an RV vacation. Just like cars or Airbnb’s, you can rent a RV. Pick your class and amenities and start your trip. There are national companies like Cruise America or local options. Who knows, you may decide to purchase one of your own.

They’re Roomier Than You Think

Sometimes big people write off RVs because they are worried about their size. Don’t be too quick to do that. As mentioned earlier, king-size beds can be found, and queen sizes are common. Many RVs have slide-out sections that, once parked, open up to provide even more space. Class A and C motorhomes often have large and comfortable captains’ chairs for the driver, complete with moveable armrests and they swivel to make entry/exit even easier.

You See More

Sure, you can fly to Denver and see the Rockies, but there is so much more to see between your home and Denver. There are roadside attractions, friendly small towns and little mom-and-pop diners that you have never heard of all waiting for you to experience. The best part is that you can control the pace. You can travel as far or and little as you want. Be as busy or as disconnected as you want. You’re no longer at the mercy of TSA, flight delays or lost luggage. And if you choose to use campgrounds, you will find a whole new group of people that tend to be very open and accepting. RV travel for big people can be a freeing experience.

Have you ever traveled in an RV? What did you like or dislike? Let us know in the comment section.

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