December 23, 2020

The Beautiful City of Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua
1 hour & 30 mins

Hey guys, welcome back to another one of my big guy, big world adventures. We spent a lot of time in Costa Rica, and we made so many amazing memories there. But now, we have moved on to Nicaragua, which was one of the prettiest places I have ever seen! I feel like I have said that about every spot we have been to, but honestly, it’s the truth. Each place we have traveled to has surpassed our expectations. Granada, Nicaragua didn’t disappoint either!

I’m serious. Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. From the people, to the scenery, to the amazing culture, this place is a must-see. We are looking forward to some exciting excursions and tours that we have planned. Including site-seeing volcanoes, visiting the 365 islands that were built by a volcano, and ATV rides. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t include Nicaragua on their bucket list. They should though! It’s a great country and we have enjoyed our time here so far. 

Granada, Nicaragua

The first city we visited was Granada, Nicaragua, which is one of the oldest cities in the new world. It’s also the third-largest city in the country, so there is a lot to see and do there. We were in the beautiful city of Granada for a few days and we were able to see some amazing things. We also met some wonderful people and enjoyed great food. In all of my traveling so far, Nicaragua was the hardest country to get into. Only half of our group was able to make it the first day, and the rest had to come the following day.

The people of Nicaragua were very friendly and welcoming to tourists, which made for a nice, peaceful experience in this country. There is nothing worse than traveling to a foreign place where you don’t feel wanted or welcomed. Thankfully that was not the case in Nicaragua. 

The only negative experience I had in this city was seeing a lot of animals that appeared malnourished. Unfortunately, we saw a lot of horses and cows that were extremely skinny. There were also a lot of children that were begging for money. You could say that they were pulling at our heartstrings because we kept going back to give them more money. A few times we saw mothers holding three-month-olds babies walking in and out of restaurants looking for food. The poverty we saw was very sad and hard to watch. It made me appreciate what I have and want to give back to others in need. 

While exlporing the city, we went to Rivas and walked around the shops. We saw a lot of the local vendors and had an amazing meal. We went to a cool museum, which used to be the house of one of the founders of the city. The museum had a lot of interesting things and detailed how the city was built over three hundred years ago. There we saw a bunch of kids singing Christmas songs like Feliz Navidad for a school performance, which put us in the Christmas spirit.

An Unforgettable Experience

We visited a park where we saw about fifty kids playing. There was a lady in the area nearby selling toys. The woman had about sixty different toys laid out in her outdoor shop. Suddenly I had an idea! I wanted to give to the children playing in the park. I asked the woman what she thought would be a fair price for all of the toys, and she said $400. So we ended up buying all of the toys and handed them out to the kids at the park. The joy on their faces is unforgettable. It was truly a beautiful experience, and we plan to replicate it on Christmas Day. 

Should You Go?

We are enjoying ourselves here in Nicaragua. So far, we have seen some cool places. As a big guy, the walking involved has been rigorous, especially since so much of it is uphill. However, I don’t regret it and would still recommend that you visit these places. I would encourage anyone and everyone to visit this beautiful country. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. I can’t wait to keep exploring this wonderful country and to share my experiences with you. Thanks for following me along. See you next time as we continue to explore Nicaragua. 

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