December 25, 2020

The Islets Granada in Nicaragua

Islet in Nicaragua

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones. We are having a great time exploring Nicaragua. This is such an amazing place, and we have made so many unforgettable memories here. Our final days in Nicaragua were jam-packed with one amazing experience after another. I wanted to write a final post summing up all of our last-minute adventures in the beautiful country of Nicaragua. 

Last Minutes Adventures

On one of our last days in Nicaragua, we rented a boat to see the Islets Granada. The Islets Granada is made up of a chain of about 330 islands that were created by the volcano Mombacho, which erupted hundreds of years ago. Our boat took us through about 175 of the islands. We got to go to a place called Monkey Island, which was filled with monkeys hanging from every tree on the island. It was cool to see the monkeys in their natural habitat. After that, we went to see another volcano, which was fascinating. On the way back from touring the Islets Granada, we somehow wound up at a Nicaraguan circus! This was an amazing show that was super entertaining. We got to watch flamethrowers, acrobats, and many other acts that did an incredible job. 

Christmas Surprise 

Sometimes unexpected adventures become some of your greatest memories. This story I’m about to tell isn’t how we are expected to spend our Christmas. As we were driving, we saw a man who had six little piglets in a cart. Originally, we just wanted to see and take a picture of them. However, the guy was not friendly and seemed to be mistreating the pigs. He was laughing at them and picking them up by their back legs. Then he proceeded to say he was on his way to his house to cut their legs off to make pigs feet.

Needless to say, we couldn’t let that happen. So instead, we bought all of the pigs from him without any idea of what we were going to do with them. We were fortunate because our driver, who had been driving us around Nicaragua, told us that he used to keep pigs and that he and his kids would be happy to take them home and raise them. We went to his son’s produce stand and got the piglets a bunch of food like watermelon, bananas, lettuce, and tomatoes.

The family is going to keep them long-term, and we’re going to help by sending them a few hundred dollars every month to cover the cost of feeding them. The man said he’s going to send us pictures of them as they get bigger over the years in return. We did not see this experience coming, but it ended up being such a special moment and one of our greatest memories we have from Nicaragua. 

Our Experience in Nicaragua

In the heart of the city, parties were happening in the streets. Christmas trains were taking children on rides through the town. At first, I thought that people were celebrating because it was Christmas, but I later learned from the local people that the people party in the streets all the time as an expression of joy, friendship, and camaraderie. Nicaragua is a great place to visit, but I would recommend it for adults rather than families with kids. Although it’s beautiful, it’s a bit like Costa Rica, a little more dangerous. Nicaragua also has a lot of partying, which was super fun, but maybe not for kids. 

The people were amazing. They don’t have very much, but are still so happy and fulfilled in life. Every time I would try to tip them, they would try to give it back to me, saying it was too much. I’d have to convince them to take my money. The culture was amazing, and they were just overall amazing people. 

This was such an incredible country, and we made a lot of great memories here. Thanks for following along with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experiences. If you would like to know more about me and my passion for traveling, you can read more about me here.

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