August 2, 2022

The Cocoplum Bistro: A Hidden Treasure in Nassau

Nassau has a lot of great restaurants. The Old Fort Bay area has a concentration of world-class dining options available to bring pleasure to even the most discerning palate. There is simply no way to give all of them a chance in one short visit. If you want to skip experimenting and go for a sure winner, then you want to visit the Cocoplum Bistro. It is a hidden gem.

The Area

The bistro is hidden in the Old Fort Bay area of Nassau. Old Fort Bay is one of the most exclusive communities on the island. Our villa was in this area as well. It is on the site of a fort constructed by the British in the 18th century as a base to fight off pirates. (Feel free to make a Captain Jack Sparrow joke. We did). It’s located on West Bay Street in the Harbour Green Shopping Plaza.

The Menu

The menu at Cocoplum Bistro isn’t the most extensive one you will encounter. The entrée menu is just one page, but the choices are amazing. Being in the Bahamas, one would expect some great seafood options and they don’t disappoint. The meat choices range from ribeye steaks and lamb to braised ox-tail and veal. There are pasta options as well. The selection sides is somewhat limited, but the entrée is the main attraction. There is a selection of appetizers available as well.


We started with some appetizers. On this particular visit, we decided to try two apps. First was calamari. These delightful, deep-fried pieces of squid were served with a pesto mayo that give it a little kick. We got the courage to order crispy pig’s ears as the second appetizer. Truthfully, we were not sure what to expect. In reality, they were very similar to pork rinds that many of us are familiar with. These crispy pork pieces were served with an almond ajoblanco.


Moving on to the main course, the three of us chose very different items. Josh decided to go with the 18-ounce T-bone steak and ordered it medium-rare. It was served with roast potatoes and sauteed vegetables. There was a demi-glace that was much like a garlic basil pesto.

Chris went in a different direction, choosing the seafood linguine. One can choose shrimp, lobster, scallops or mussels as the protein. He chose lobsters and had to endure teasing about the crustacean being the “cockroach of the sea.” It didn’t matter to him as he loved the dish.

I went my own way. My inside source (our server Chantalle) told me that their burger was amazing, so I went with the recommendation. I’m glad I did. This bacon cheeseburger was everything she said it would be. (Remember, take care of your servers and they’ll take care of you.)

We made more than one trip to the Cocoplum Bistro for good reason, it was outstanding. If you find yourself in Nassau, we here at Big Guy Big World would recommend stopping in to find out why we loved it so much. They are closed on Mondays but open the rest of the week starting at 11:30 am. You can view their menu or make reservations at their website.

Until next time travelers, be safe, live a full life, be kind and help others. Can’t wait to catch you on our next adventure.

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