April 4, 2022

Top 3 Travel Backpacks for Big People

What’s the difference between travel backpacks and regular ones? Bottom line, efficiency. Combine a regular old backpack with a big ass suitcase and you got a travel backpack. Half the battle with travel is carting your shit around. You want something durable that’ll fit as a carry-on. I can’t stress this enough, carry on your shit.

Everyone has that story of the airline losing their bags. On that third day of the same pair of underwear, the word adventure takes on a new meaning. Don’t be that guy.

The right travel backpack will give you all the room you need for a kick-ass adventure. You got some key aspects to consider when choosing a travel backpack. Look to see if it’s TSA compliant. Will it fit in overhead storage? Are the straps easily adjustable? Consider all the shit that’ll make your life easier on the road.

Oakley Kitchen Sink Travel Backpacks

The name alone is badass. They didn’t skimp on the materials either. All the outer clips and top handle is lightweight metal. And it just looks cool.

There are pockets all over this thing. It’s like a utility belt for your back. The main compartment has enough space for that underwear you don’t want to be without, plus a handful of other important shit. On the back are metal rings. Super useful if you want to strap a water bottle on the back with a carabiner. 

The organizational pockets make it easy to stash mobile devices, chargers, headphones, wallets, “all the things”. The side pockets are water bottle sized and they got these velcro straps to clip things on if you want. Most important, it’s easy to locate your shit. Having a bag big enough for your crap is one thing. Being able to find what you need is another. 

Yorpek Travel Backpacks for Men

Sleek and roomy is what stands out with this one. This bad boy is divided into three main pockets with easy access ones on the back. 20 pockets in total. It’s super convenient for grab-and-go situations because it sits up on its own like a suitcase when you set it down.

When you put this thing on it’s like having an angel poop on your shoulders. Yes, that’s a good thing. I don’t know about you, but a sweaty back is zero fun. The Yorpek’s design keeps the airflow on your back and limits the sweat on your shirt. No need to dick around with complicated straps either. Pull the strap, drop your crap. That simple.

The main compartment is so big Dora the Explorer would get lost. For real, it’s got plenty of room to fit a set of overnight clothes and more. The laptop compartment opens all the way up and will pretty much fit any of your electronics.

Plan on going through some rough terrain? Yep, this thing has a side pocket big enough for a machete. It also has two other water bottle-sized pockets. The kicker is the external USB port. Hook up your power bank through the outer pocket and you got yourself an easy access port to charge your shit. No matter where you’re going, you got the room and the pockets to get it done.

Everki Business 120 Large Professional

Similar to the Yorpek it has three main compartments. The straps are super comfortable and the design helps prevent that nasty back sweat. Even when it’s fully loaded on your back, it doesn’t feel like as much weight as it packs.

The front straps have these bad-ass speed release buckles for quick access. Underneath is an organizer compartment with plenty of room for “all the things” from a wallet to chargers.

At first glance, the inside of the bag looks a little crazy with all the neon orange. Believe it or not, this little feature saves your ass if you left something unzipped. That bright orange stands out against the black exterior if you left something open. The only thing worse than the airport losing your shit is losing your own shit. The icing on the cake is the felt lining for tablets or laptops.

Every one of these travel backpacks checks all the boxes: TSA compliant. Carry on friendly. Easy to use straps. They’re all comfortable and efficient. Everything after that is preference. Everyone is a little different. Check out their websites and all the bells and whistles. Weigh out what’s most important to you and you won’t go wrong.

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