April 26, 2022

Travel Agencies for People of Size

Big people can travel with the best of them. Yep, I said it. Sure there are a few more obstacles than the average bear may face, but it can be done without being overwhelmed. You’re busy, I get it. Travel done right, if you’re a bigger person, can take time to plan. Then there’s the hassle of finding the right deal and all the little things in between. Car rental, hotel deals, how to avoid tourist traps, all the fun stuff. Check out a travel agency for people of size.

No, a travel agent isn’t only for rich people. Believe it or not, they can usually find killer deals and can take care of all the “little things” so you can just enjoy the trip. The bottom line is that they can make your trip amazing and sometimes save you a few bucks.

What about a travel agency that understands what bigger people go through? Yes, they exist! To be fair, most travel agents can make any kind of accommodations you need, but how many of them understand your unique needs? If you’re going to pay someone to handle your travel, find someone who can help you see around corners. One that understands the journey and will anticipate what you need. Here are a few places that can help:

Abundant Travel

A one-stop-shop for people of size is Abundant Travel. Tropical beaches and domestic party hot spots are part of the destinations they serve. A to Z they can do the groundwork to book the hotel, travel, car rental, find the right tours and more. The biggest benefit is that they understand bigger people’s needs.

These guys can handle international travel and domestic. Depending on the country you’re traveling to, the requirements can change and complicate things. Let them take the worry out of it. They have destinations like Mexico, Jamaica, Vegas, New Orleans, and more.

Down to the last detail, Abundant Travel understands what to look for in a property. Comfort is the main focus. They pay close attention to things like whether or not the pool has a railing to help get in and out of the water. Sometimes that extra seat will make all the difference for comfort. They’re experts at knowing the most comfortable options and the most big-people-friendly places.

 Chubby and Away Travel

Jimmy and Amanda at Chubby and Away Travel are a dynamic duo who share the same love of travel I do. This is a couple who loves travel so much they’re on a mission to prove to the world that anyone can travel, no matter what the size. For years they’ve kept track of their personal adventures on YouTube and through podcasting. Over time, they felt the next logical step was to start a travel agency. So they did!

This is a team that can help you find the right trip on a budget or go hard to the paint with a blowout luxury experience. The true benefit is the intimate details they’re well aware of from personal experience. They even have a Facebook Travel Deals Group where you can join a community of people who understand big people’s struggles while traveling and help find great deals. They even have a list of credentials to back up being experts in plus-size travel.

Curvy Ventures

A plus-size travel and entertainment company, Curvy Ventures wants people to know, “beauty is not only about being comfortable in your own skin but also about knowing and accepting who you are!” Maria and Juan are the company founders and are proud of their curves. They transformed their personal passion for travel into a size acceptance-based company that caters specifically to the plus-size community.

Plus-size events are a specialty for Curvy Ventures. They pride themselves on a VIP experience and have a staff that stays tuned to the best events that cater to us. From social media influencers to party hosts, Curvy Ventures can supply the entire package. If you want to put together a bash that’s friendly to the plus-size community, give them a look.

Sometimes we just want to kick back and let someone else take the reins. Travel as a bigger person isn’t always easy. To make it a great experience it always takes planning. If you’ve worked your butt off and don’t quite have the time and patience to make all the arrangements for a kick-ass trip, get a travel agency involved. Don’t just get any agency, find one that knows your needs and exceeds them.

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