December 20, 2020

Wrapping Up My Chapter In Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Big Guy Big World adventure. We have officially been in Costa Rica for more than thirty days, which is crazy because it feels like we just got here. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Costa Rica is truly a beautiful country with a lot of wonderful people and an inspiring culture. I wanted to write one final post to share our last-minute activities and other small adventures we got to experience in Costa Rica.

Little Experiences, Big Adventures

We have had such a fun time exploring Costa Rica over the last month. We have been on a few tours and had an amazing time on each of them. There are few other things we were able to do that I wanted to share with you before we wrap up this chapter in Costa Rica.

First up, we got the opportunity to do fire shots. Literally shots that were on fire! We also hiked a mile into the jungle at ten at night and then the tour guide had us turn off our flashlights. That was a little scary, I’m not going to lie. But it also felt very freeing to be immersed in the unknown. We obviously couldn’t see anything, but we heard all sorts of noises surrounding us. We looked up through the trees into the sky and saw an ocean full of stars. It was a beautiful sight and something I’ll never forget. 

We also got to feed a wild bird. We’d noticed a lady sitting nearby, and every couple of minutes a bird would swoop down and sit next to her. When we asked her what the bird’s name was, she explained that it didn’t have a name because it was a wild, free bird. However, it had been coming to visit her every day since March. We asked if she thought the bird would be friendly towards us, and it was. We got to get close to it and take a few cool photos.

Next, we decided to hike the Blue River and see the Blue Waterfall for a second time with a group of very nice people. We met up with them a couple of times and had a few amazing dinners together. Lastly, we went out on a boat in the pacific ocean, where we saw dozens of stingrays gliding and belly-flopping on the water. We went from the ocean to a river, which was stunning. There were mangroves and trees growing over each other and tons of pretty birds. 

For me, the best part of Costa Rica has been the people. They seem to be very honest and hard-working. But even though they have jobs, they still don’t have very much. Despite that, every time I tried to tip them, they offered to give me the money back because they thought it was too much. I truly fell in love with their culture and the spirit of kindness and giving throughout the country. They were very inspiring people, and we learned a lot from them in the thirty days we spent here. 

Costa Rica, Should You Go?  

There were so many options for excursions and tours, that we could have explored Costa Rica forever. I don’t think we would have ever run out of things to do. However, every good thing must come to an end. We loved Costa Rica and would love to visit again someday. My favorite experience overall would have to be exploring the rain forests and National Parks. They were phenomenal.

An interesting fact about the land is that in the 1970s, the Costa Rican government realized that they only had two-thirds of their forest left. So, the Costa Rican government did something amazing. They started paying their citizens to plant trees, vow not cut them down, and allow for overgrowth. The goal was to try to replenish what was once there. Since then, they have been able to regrow more than 50% of their forest. It’s truly amazing how beautiful and natural the country is. They take such pride in their environment, which has inspired me to take better care of the earth. Nature is so beautiful and the people in Costa Rica do everything they can to preserve that beauty. 

Costa Rica without a doubt is an extraordinary place to visit. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to visit here in the future. I am so grateful I got to explore this amazing place. Thanks for joining me on my journey in discovering the world. Now, we are on to Nicaragua!

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