April 12, 2022

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Xplor!

Quinta Roo, Mexico

Packages are available to Xplor Park with travel from Cancun for USD 143.99, which is all-inclusive for food and activities. Photo passes are available for an additional $58.99 for all Photo Booth setups within the park. Xplor is open daily from 9 am-5 pm.  

We got to do a lot during our time with Big Guy Big World in Cancun. We ate fantastic food, stayed at the luxurious Hilton Cancun, and even visited one of the New Wonders of the World! Looking back on all of the new and exciting experiences, if you were to ask which one was my favorite, I would answer Xplor Park with no hesitation. 

Xplor Park is an ecological theme park, unlike any park I have ever visited before. The park boasts six attractions spread through the jungle near the coastline and winds down into caves deep underground that stretch out forever. The park feels as if it was built around the original nature of the area rather than constructed over. 

So you want to Xplor?

Preparing to Xplor- Safety Note.

The park requires guests to wear a helmet at all times for safety. Low cave ceilings and slick floors can be a slippery combination. Make sure to protect yourself and the others around you. 

The Attractions

Xplor is home to six different attractions with such a wide variety that everyone in your travel group should be able to find something to enjoy!

Preparing to Xplor- Safety Note.

Some attractions, such as the ATV and Underground Expedition, require close-toed water shoes. Make sure to pack a pair. If you don’t have any, don’t worry! Water shoes are available for purchase at the gift shop. 

Underground Expedition

Closed-toed shoes are required for this one. Get ready to explore massive caverns and underground pools all on your own. Want a little more challenge? There are extra physical challenges put together along the way! You are going to need a swimsuit for this one. Some of the paths open to small rivers and underground pools that you will need to cross to complete your journey. Life vests are optional but available for those wanting to participate in this attraction. 


For so many of those traveling with us, the zip-lines were the bucket list item they were hoping to check off. Guests were led out of the caves and through winding jungle paths, over rope bridges to the zip-line tower with truly amazing views of the park and surrounding nature. Then from the tower, a speedy descent ended in a triumphant splash into the crystal clear water of the outdoor pools. 

Amphibious Vehicles (ATVs) 

Note: Closed-toed shoes are required, and drivers must show an ID. 

Xplor has a handful of amphibious (can drive over land and through water!) ATV vehicles have designed trails for maximum excitement and adrenaline. These trails go through the caves, the jungle, over narrow bridges, and through caverns. This is unlike any off-road adventure you have had before. 

Hammock Splash

The Hammock Splash is for those who want to take their first step towards the zip-line but aren’t quite ready to make the jump. (Forgive the pun!) The Hammock Splash allows guests to sit down in a hammock and glide their way down to the cooling waters below, just inside the entrance to the caves. I watched people fly their way in, laughing as they splashed into the water under a giant recreation of a pterodactyl fossil that was the cave’s width from wingtip to wingtip. 

Underground Rafts

Explore the caves in a two-person raft that you paddle with your hands! Guests are given scoop-like paddle gloves to help direct and propel their rafts through underground rivers and caverns. This is more of a workout than it might appear to be at first glance. 

Underground River Swim

The Underground River Swim was the star of the show for me. The Underground River swim is precisely what it sounds like. The river stretches through caves and caverns otherwise inaccessible. Underwater lights highlight just how blue the water is and how magical the stalagmites and stalactites are. This is an actual river, and small fish we sometimes saw small fish swimming along with us.

You will want to bring your camera with you for this one as the views are magical. If you don’t have your camera, no worries, though, as it is throughout the park, different photo stations are set up along the swim to get pictures of yourself and your loved ones during this once-of-a-lifetime experience. As we floated along the river, we noticed that the fish were not the only wildlife sharing the caverns with us, but bats roosted in the natural cave ceilings, every once in a while breaking free and giving us a show of erratic flight. 

There is an early exit to the swim for those who are not strong swimmers or simply want to get to another activity. But those that swim the entire length of the attraction are surprised by a massive circular waterfall with a view from the cavers up to the open air. The noise in the cavern was defining and breathtaking and perfect. 

In a week of busyness and excitement, the river swim brought a sense of peace and awe that was much needed. 

BONUS Xplor Park Attraction : Water Slide- Still in Production

According to the Xplor Website, the park is currently working on finishing a massive raft-based waterslide. This thing looks crazy. Loops, spins, jumps, and tunnels; this waterslide will have it all. As of right now, there is no set opening date, but check it out on the website here. 

All that adventure is sure to make you hungry…

No worries, friends! Your tickets to Xplor Park are all-inclusive. Xplor offers traditional and international options at their in-park buffet, El Troglodita. El Troglodita is a prehistoric-themed buffet with a hefty spread of choices. While buffets can sometimes be dicey, the staff here makes sure to keep up with health and safety regulations, all the food was fresh, and stations were kept clean. But the best part was that it was delicious! 

Maybe you aren’t looking for a full meal? Xplor also offers smoothie stations with a handful of smoothie options for that quick pick-me-up between adrenaline-filled attractions. 

All in all, Xplor park is one that you should not miss during your time in the Cancun area! This is not an experience that you will find anywhere else.

Preparing to Xplor- What to Bring. 

  • Don’t worry about packing a bag. All guests are provided a locker and key for their visit! 
  • Pack
  • Towel
  • Waterproof phone/camera case 
  • Close-toed shoes 
  • Reef-friendly Sunscreen 
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