August 16, 2021

You’ve Never Seen a Travel Blog Like BGBW

When I think of a travel blog, I imagine an escape from reality. An opportunity to see and explore the world without even having to leave the house. I also think a travel blog should inspire people. For my visual readers, you may be intrigued by pictures, videos, and illustrations. For others, learning about a country’s culture and history may draw you in. Whatever it is, I think a travel blog should inspire you to want to see the world. 

However, I understand that not everyone is able to travel at this time. Whether it be due to health, finances, or other life circumstances, there are many reasons that traveling could be put on hold. So, I wanted to create a blog that allowed people to travel with me when they are unable to. After following such a hard year, I created Big Guy Big World to bring light and positivity. And that’s what I hope to continue to do. 

There are so many travel blogs out there, which I think is amazing. However, I wanted Big Guy Big World to be different. I wanted to reach and inspire everyone no matter their age, size, or season of life. So, what makes this blog different?

Plus-Size Travelers 

As many of you know, I’m a bigger guy. And, instead of shying away from the subject, I wanted to use it as a way to relate to people with my similar build. My message has always been to embrace your journey no matter your size. I want to show people that if I can do it, you can do it. Life is way too short to wait. Do it NOW! I hope that my blog will encourage those who feel apprehensive to travel due to their weight. As you can see from my previous adventures, my size doesn’t affect my experiences. In fact, I have been able to connect with people because of it. 

Pictures & Videos

When I started Big Guy Big World, I knew I wanted to capture as many photos as I possibly could. I wanted each of my adventures to document a visual story. There is nothing like looking back on photos and being reminded of the unforgettable memories attached to them. From the crystal blue seas to the goofy animals, I have taken some unreal pictures of the breathtaking scenery that surrounds each location. Some of the photos are so vivid, they don’t even look real. The crazy thing is, none of the photos on my blog have been enhanced with a filter. The water really is that turquoise and the trees really are that green. It’s crazy how many beautiful sights are out there just waiting to be seen. 

Another feature I wanted to incorporate into my blog is video footage. This is what I think really allows you to explore with me. That’s why in addition to my blog, I created the Big Guy Big World Youtube channel. Our videos are very planned out, and each shot has a purpose. My goal is to capture the scenery, cultures, and adventures of each country so that you can really get an idea of how incredible these locations are. 

Culture & History 

Although photos and videos are exciting, I wanted Big Guy Big World to be super informative. Most of these cities are FULL of history. My goal is that you leave my blog learning something maybe you never knew before. Not only is the rich history interesting to learn about, but the culture in each country is so cool. I love learning directly from locals about their culture, music, specialties, and cuisines. There is so much to be discovered that a picture won’t be able to show you. That’s why I wanted each of my posts to be very informative. 


Not only do I have a passion for traveling and sharing my experiences through Big Guy Big World, but I also love connecting with people and giving back. I want my blog to be super interactive. I love when my followers send me messages and tell me about their experiences and personal stories. It’s one of the main reasons I have so many platforms for Big Guy Big World, I want people to be able to message me through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and, of course, the blog. 

After connecting with so many people, I decided I wanted to do something different. So, I created contests for my followers to enter for the chance to win fun prizes. This allows me to meet new people, and it allows my followers to receive an exciting prize. Sounds like a win-win to me! We announce our contests on all of the Big Guy Big World social platforms, so make sure you check in frequently so you don’t miss out on entering! 

Join Me 

In conclusion, I want to thank all my followers for joining me on this wild ride of traveling the world. I hope that this blog brings you positive vibes ONLY. If you’re unable to travel right now, I promise I will make this blog a place for you to experience the world without having to leave your house. And if you’re wanting to travel, I promise I will keep creating content that inspires you. Stay tuned for more adventures to come! 

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Big Guy Big World is a travel blog, following Mark Jacoby’s journey as a big guy on a bigger journey, exploring the world during a global pandemic. Follow along as we experience some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic places.

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