October 30, 2020

Zadar, Croatia: Blue Water And Sunny Skies

Zadar, Croatia
30 minutes

This amazing place is Zadar, Croatia! A place I’ve dreamed of traveling to for years. And one thing that this pandemic has taught me, is that life is short and nothing is guaranteed. I want to enjoy this great big world before my time is up! Thanks for connecting with me and following along as I explore and wander. I hope is this travel blog inspires you to do the same. 

Zadar, Croatia

Croatia is such a beautiful country. We stayed in an Airbnb with a view of the mountains. The weather was perfect. It was sunny with a little chill in the air. On top of that, the people of Croatia were very friendly.

As far as COVID-19 policies go, they were not as strict with wearing masks as the other places we’ve been. Overall, they seemed relatively relaxed about the pandemic. We continued to wear our masks, though, and protect ourselves throughout our time there. I was so excited to see Croatia, and our first stop did not disappoint. We were in awe of the beautiful landscape, crystal blue water, and bright sunny skies.

The Bridge

The beautiful pictures featured above were taken from The Maslenica bridge located about 6 km from our Airbnb. This bridge leads you from Zadar to Gospic, Croatia. The bridge actually has an interesting history as well. It played an important role in the Croatian War of Independence in the early 1990s.

It’s a very long, narrow bridge with a lot of cars so be careful while walking. This bridge isn’t a tourist attraction, but it is used for bungee jumping. I did consider bungee jumping off of the bridge. I hadn’t been bungee jumping since I was in my late teens, so naturally, the idea scared me a little bit! We didn’t end up going through with it though because we couldn’t find a guide. However, it gave us more time to enjoy the incredible view. 

Abandoned Motel 

Across from the bridge, we found a hike we decided to explore. This hike went through the Plitvice mountains above Zadar, Croatia. About 25 minutes into our hike, we found this abandoned motel that Mother Earth was trying to reclaim. As you can see in the pictures below, a tree had completely grown inside of the building. We decided to explore more and ventured inside the motel.

We went into some of the rooms, but it was kind of spooky, so we didn’t stay long. There were manholes around the building that dropped about 20 feet down into darkness. It was terrifying. Our final deal-breaker was when we started hearing noises. That’s when we decided to hightail it out of there!  I don’t recommend visiting this motel because it is super dangerous. There are so many things you could trip on, and the holes in the ground are very deep. It did make for some cool pictures though!

Should You Go?

Zadar is a great place to stop while traveling through Croatia, especially if you have ever wanted to go bungee jumping. I mean, can you imagine free- falling over that crystal blue water? I would also recommend the trail we hiked through the mountains. Just keep walking when you get to the abandoned motel! Overall, Croatia was not disappointing! The views are gorgeous! I’m excited to continue exploring this beautiful country. Keep following along to see my next adventure in Split, Croatia!

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Desiree Denson
Desiree Denson
2 months ago

Wow nature is so beautiful

1 month ago

It’s beautiful, your phots are well taken. Very interesting blog

Joan Cook
Joan Cook
1 month ago


Bill Collins
Bill Collins
7 days ago

One of my bucket list countries to still visit.