April 21, 2022

Catamaran to Paradise! Relaxation at Isla de Mujeres.

Quintana Roo, Mexico

The dock was bustling with visitors checking in and hustling to find shade. A man with a precariously balanced fruit basket atop their head walked the white sand and called to tourists, offering fresh cool fruit and coconut water. The air is full of excited cheers and chatters as the boats are made ready. The whole setup seemed like something out of a movie or music video, certainly not out of reality. But it was very real, and in fact, absolutely perfect.

Our travel group booked three Catamaran tours to Isla de Mujeres with Albatros tours. Each boat was staffed with friendly and knowledgeable sailors who worked their hardest to ensure that everyone on their ship was safe and having fun while living their party boat dreams.

What is a catamaran, you may ask? A catamaran is a multi-hulled boat or yacht with two parallel hulls that are equal in size 

Ready to set sail!

A Dj took requests while keeping the atmosphere lively. Two stewards ensured that drinks, whether cocktails or water, flowed freely, and no one was left wanting. It was hard not to be drawn into the beauty of the waters around us. The crystalline aqua water was so clear I swear I could see the bottom of the ocean. The captain took us on a captivating tour around the Isla de Mujeres, where visions of beachfront clubs, massive houses, and tropical stretches of jungle spread out before us. 

On our way, our three catamarans met up and set anchor so everyone could jump into the water for a quick swim. 

Many catamaran tours will offer snorkeling options as well! 

Once everyone was back aboard their boats, we set sail to dock at the Isla de Mujeres. We anchored for two hours and disembarked at a private beach paradise. White sands, hammocks, lounge beds, unlimited drinks, and a delicious buffet awaited us. Massages and souvenirs were available for additional costs. 

The sun was bright, the water was cool, and the company could not be beat. This was exactly the relaxation that our party needed. 

Once our two hours on the island had passed, we reboarded our boats, and our captains kept the music playing and the drinks coming as they timed our arrival for perfect sunset picture opportunities against the Cancun skyline. 

The Catamaran tours and Isla de Mujeres are something you should not miss during your Cancun Adventure. 

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2 years ago

That was the most beautiful ride out to Isla de Mujeres!! I have never seen water so blue and clear. It was an awesome day! thank you Big Guy Adventures!

Dana Foss
Dana Foss
2 months ago

I loved the clear and memorizing blue water. This was a relaxing trip I’ll never forget. Thanks BigGuyBigWorld and most of all Mark

Marni Wagner
Marni Wagner
2 months ago

I’ve been on a cataraman to Isla but ours was a topless optional boat. Ha ha. Our husbands sure had a hard time keeping their eyes in their heads. We love to travel & have fun!