October 14, 2020

London: Exquisite Monuments and Serene Gardens

London, England
10 minutes

Hi guys, welcome back! Thanks for following along with me on all of my adventures. Our next stop was the metropolitan area in London, England. There are so many beautiful places to see here. You will be amazed at the number of landmarks in such a short distance. From the exquisite monuments to the serene gardens, it truly is a must-see spot. Keep reading for travel tips and recommendations for the area!

Royal Parks

There’s a system of eight city parks, called the Eight Royal Parks of London. The famous system includes Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Richmond Park, Bushy Park, St. James Park, Green Park, Regent’s Park, and Greenwich Park. Hyde Park is right in the heart of London and is known for world-class events and concerts. Kensington Gardens is home to Kensington Palace with beautiful, Italian Gardens. Richmond Park is the largest of the Eight Royal Parks. Bushy Park is linked to the Hampton Court Palace by the Longford River.

St. James Park is home to the mall, ceremonial parades, and national celebrations. Green Park is known for a large grass area, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic in Central London. Regent’s Park contains London’s largest outdoor sports center. Lastly, Greenwich Park overlooks the River Thames, where you can also visit the London Eye. You can’t go wrong with visiting any of these parks! 

All Eight Royal Parks are absolutely beautiful and really allow you to connect with nature. It’s like having eight different Central Parks, all connected to one another! There are tons of swans, geese, and flowers from around the world located here. Royal parks are extremely well-maintained, so they always look stunning. They are nice to stroll through in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. While you’re walking, you will hear the beautiful sounds of nature and trickling fountains, making it very peaceful and serene. The parks are absolutely gorgeous at sunset as well. 


Several of the parks include meaningful monuments or national treasures. The Royal Albert Memorial, pictured above, is located in Kensington Gardens. It was commissioned in 1876 to honor Queen Victoria’s husband Albert and cost about 120,000 pounds (that would be equivalent to 12 million today!) The Royal Albert Hall, also pictured above, sits opposite the memorial. The memorial is truly exquisite. It is made of real gold and reaches about 176 feet tall. It is simply one of the many large statues and memorials dedicated to the Kings and Queens of England throughout the years.

Most notably, the Diana Memorial Playground, built in honor of Princess Diana, is located in the Kensington Gardens. The Eight Royal Parks are truly amazing, and I would highly recommend seeing at least a couple of them while you’re here. Additionally, there is even a famous spot to visit in the Kensington Gardens that inspired J.M. Barrie to write the famous Peter Pan stories. There is now a bronze statue at the site, which has become a famous tourist spot. 

Several of the famous statues scattered throughout London include a really fun, interactive feature. Certain statues, like the Peter Pan statue mentioned above, have tags that you scan with your phone. Once you scan the tag, you will automatically receive a phone call. Depending on which statue you scanned, you will get a phone call from a historical figurer or fictional character. It could be the Queen, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan, or a number of others. You can read more about the talking statues here.

Should You Go? 

Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting the metropolitan area of London, England. They have so many amazing places to see and explore. We captured so many great pictures that I’ll treasure forever. If you are planning to visit these places, please note that you can enter any park free of charge, but you will need to buy a ticket to enter some of the buildings on the properties, such as Kensington Palace. Although, it’s simple to purchase a ticket right at the palace. The Palace has been the home to Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so it would be a really interesting experience to walk through. It’s not every day that you get to stroll through a palace!

This is a great place full of history and scenery. People of any age, shape, or size will love this. I rated it as moderate difficulty due to the amount of walking involved. But it’s totally worth the effort! They really do have something for everyone, from the history buffs to the nature lovers. Thanks for joining me on this travel journey as a big guy exploring a big world. I love sharing my adventures and experiences with you. It’s honestly been a dream come true. See you next time!

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