October 2, 2020

The Swan Inn: History, Hotel, & More

Lyndhurst, England

There were a lot of cool places to stay in Lyndhurst. We did not stay the night, but we did eat at the Swan Inn, which is both a hotel and a pub. The food and service were both great. The history of the Swan Inn is very interesting as well.

The building has had a couple of different uses over the years, starting with the New Forest pony sales. This was a major event that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. When this event became too popular in 1922, the pony sales moved to a new location outside of Lyndhurst. Then, in the 1960s, the building became the Swan Garage and Car Hire. Unfortunately, a fire started and completely destroyed the building. A local bought the property in 2008 and reopened it as the Swan Inn. Pretty cool story, right?

The Restaurant

The Swan Inn Pub is a traditional and authentic country pub. It’s dog and family-friendly which made for a fun experience! The menu featured many different kinds of traditional English foods including pork pies and beer battered haddock. The food was delicious!

If I had more time in Lyndhurst, I would have really enjoyed staying the night there. It seemed like a comfortable spot to rest your head for the night.

If you’re spending time in New Forest National Park, I highly recommend stopping by the Swan Inn, even if it’s just for a quick bite to eat and something to drink. We really enjoyed our time there, and the staff was friendly and fun to be around!

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